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English- Class 10

English- Class 10

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First Flight (TextBook)

1.  A Letter to God

  •      Dust of Snow
  •      Fire and Ice

2. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 

  •      A Tiger in the Zoo 

3. Two Stories about Flying

  •     I. His First Flight
  •     II. Black Aeroplane
  •  How to Tell Wild Animals
  •   The Ball Poem

4. From the Diary of Anne Frank

  •     Amanda!

5.  The Hundred Dresses-I

6.    The Hundred Dresses- II

  •   Animals

7. Glimpses of India

  •    I. A Baker from Goa
  •    II. Coorg
  •    III. Tea from Assam
  • The Trees

8. Mijbil the Otter

  •  Fog

9. Madam Rides the Bus

  •    The Tale of Custard the Dragon 

10.  The Sermon at Benares

  •    For Anne Gregory

11.   The Proposal

Footprints without Feet (Supplementary Reader)

  1. A Triumph of Surgery
  2. The Thief’s Story
  3. The Midnight Visitor
  4. A Question of Trust
  5. Footprints without Feet
  6. The Making of a Scientist
  7. The Necklace
  8. The Hack Driver
  9. Bholi
  10. The Book That Saved the Earth

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