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English Class 4 – Unit 2 – Chapter 4 – The Little Fir Tree – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. Tick (Right) the correct answer.
(a) The pretty little fir tree was happy with gold leaves but…

a goat came along and ate them.

all the leaves got wet in rain.

a man stole them.

Answer: a man stole them.

(b) The fir tree was sad…

because it had yellow leaves.

because it had needle-like leaves.

because it was very short.

Answer: because it had needle-like leaves.

(c) The fir tree was not happy with the gold leaves…

because the goats came and ate them up.

a man stole them.

the gold leaves broke.

Answer: a man stole them.

Word Building

1. By changing tine circled word to its opposite, rewrite these sentences. One has been done for you.

(a) I carry a light bag to school every day.

Answer: I carry a heavy bag to school every day.

(b) Rina won the race.

Answer: Rina lost the race.

(c) I love eating vegetables.

Answer: I hate eating vegetables.

(d) This glass of milk is full.

Answer: This glass of milk is empty.

(e) The old man is wise.

Answer: The old man is foolish.

Q2. Now give the opposite of the words below by adding un or im.















Q3. Rita loved her dog Sheroo. Every day, Sheroo would go out of the house and come back himself. But one day he did not come home. Rita looked everywhere for him. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Sheroo was lost. He was nowhere to be found. Rita was crying when she reached home. She got into her bed. All of a sudden something jumped on her. Can you guess who it was ? Rita was very happy.
Give the opposites of the words in blue (here bold).


1) hated

2) come in

3) go

4) nowhere

5) up

6) found

7) everywhere

8) laughing

9) sad

Let’s Write
Q1. Rewrite the passage below using capital letters where necessary –
(i)one Saturday afternoon Amarjit and his little sister rani went for a picnic to india gate, there they saw ducks, water and their friend raj

Answer: One Sunday afternoon, Amarjit and his little sister Rani went for a picnic to India Gate. There they saw ducks, water and their friend Raj.

(ii)oh dear said the fir tree I like my old needle-like leaves best for goats don’t eat them and no man can steal them

Answer: “Oh dear!”, said the fir tree. I like my old needle-like leaves best, for goats don’t eat them and no man can steal them.

Let’s Talk
Q1. Look at the picture below. In the yellow box there are eight things. Six of them you can see in the picture. The other two you cannot see. Write down the four things that you can see.
ducks mat dog girl
boy tree fountain flowers

Answer: Do yourself

Q2. Look at the picture again. Describe the picture,


Fun Time
1. Ajit loved flowers. He always wanted to have a garden for himself. Mohan, his friend gave him an idea. He said, “Why, we can have a garden in a dish!”
“Ha! Ha!” Ajit laughed. “A garden in a dish?”

Answer: Do Yourself

Q2. Which of the following actions would make others happy/unhappy?

respecting elders• not saying thank you• being polite
playing with friends• visiting a sick friend• not sharing
watching television all day• telling lies• being greedy
caring for pete• getting angry easily• being honest


Actions that make people happyActions that make people unhappy
Respecting eldersNot saying thank you
Being politeNot sharing
Playing with friendsWatching television all day
Visiting a sick friendTelling lies
Caring for petsBeing greedy
Being honestGetting angry easily

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