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English Class 4 – Unit 3 – Chapter 5 – Run – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. What does the poem tell us to do?

Answer: The poem tell us to run throughout the day away from the city towards the countryside and bee merry.

Q2. Write about the places where the poet wants us to run.

Answer: The poet wants us to run down the hillside, towards the countryside, up the street, through the meadow, under the tree.

Let’s Talk
Q1. Do you like to play and run about? Why?

Answer: Yes i like to play and run about because it makes me happy, fresh and healthy.

Q2. Running is a very good exercise. Name any three games that you play in which you have to run

Answer: Foot ball, basket ball, cricket, hockey

Q3. When you run fast, what do you feel is happening to your body?

Answer: When i run fast my heart beats faster, my whole body gets warm up and i felt very tired.

Let’s Spell
Some letters are missing in each word.
Write ee or ea in each word.

tr  __  __  ssl  __  __  p
pl  __  __  seb  __  __  p
t  __  __  sef  __  __  t
t  __  __  chm  __  __  t


tr  e     e  ssl  e  e p
pl  e  a seb  e  e p
t  e  a sef e  e  t
t  e  a chm  e e  t

 Now add more words with ee and ea and put them inside the bubbles.


see, bee, seed, keep


beneath, fear, near, leap

Let’s Write
Q1. Answer the questions by looking at the picture on the opposite page

Example : What is happening in picture 5?The girl is diving into the water.

(i) What is Mohan practising in picture 4?

He is ___________________________________________

Answer: He is practising to jump.

(ii) What are Anil and his friends pulling in picture 3?

_________ are pulling ____________________________

Answer: Anil and his friends are pulling a rope on both the ends.

(iii) Where are the boats racing in picture 2?

________ are ____________________________________

Answer: The boats are racing in the river water.

(iv) What are the boys doing in picture 1?

_______ are _____________________________________

Answer: The boys are running on the ground.

(v) What are the girls doing in picture 6?

They are ________________________________________

Answer: They are swimming in the pool

Q2. Now make one more question for each picture. Write the question in the space below each picture. Use how many, what are, where are/is, how, why, to make questions.


(i) How many boys are running in the picture 1?

(ii) What are the boys doing ?

(iii) How many boys are in the picture and why they pulling the rope?

(iv) What is Mohan doing and why?

(v) What is the girl doing and why?

(vi) How many girls are swimming and why?

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