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English – Class 4 – Unit 3 – Chapter 6 – Nasruddin’s Aim – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. What did Nasruddin boast about?

Answer: Nasurddin boasted about his outstanding skill in archery.

Q2. Why did Nasruddin take someone else’s name each time he missed the target?

Answer: Nasruddin took someone else’s name each time he missed the target, to defend himself. He didn’t want to show his failure

Q3. Why did Nasruddin say, “It was my aim,” the third time?

Answer: Nasruddin said, “It was my aim,”, the third time because finally successfully hit the target.

Q4. Do you think Nasruddin was good at archery?

Answer: No, I don’t think Nasruddin was not good at archery because in the third turn he was able to aim the target, not in the first and second turn.

Word Building
Q1. Shoot the arrow and hit the target by matching the words with their correct meanings.


Chatting –> talking informly

Amazement –> great surprise

Archery –> Shooting with a bow and arrow

Defending –> protecting from attack

Target –> the goal intended to be hit

Triumphantly –> happily and proudly

Q2. Replace the bold word/words with a word from the quiver and rewrite the sentence-

In no time she hit the object she aimed at. ________________________________________

Answer:  In no time she hit the target.

Nasruddin was surely not a good archer. ___________________________________________

Answer: Nasruddin was certainly a good archer

The teacher said something about his good handwriting. He felt very happy. ___________________________________________

Answer: The teacher remarked on his good handwriting. He felt very happy.

Let’s Write

Q2. This is Rajiv’s family. They are a healthy family. See what each one does to remain healthy



Q3. Use the words ‘and’ or ‘but’ and make as many sentences as you can about Rajiv’s family.

Example: Grandpa and Grandma get up early in the morning.
Grandpa is walking hut Rajiv is jogging.


(i) Father and Mother do excercise to remain healthy.

(ii) Grandma drinking milk but grandpa walking to remain healthy.

(iii) Sita is skipping but Rahul is jogging in the park to remain healthy.

Let’s Play
Q1. Fill in the grid with the words given below. You can use one word more than once.

stick       bat/ball    eleven   table   racket ball          football stadium                two or four       ground

Name of the gameWhat you play withWhere you play itNumber of players
table tennis


Name of the gameWhat you play withWhere you play itNumber of players
cricket bat/ballstadiumeleven
table tennisrackettabletwo to four

Q2. Using the information in the grid, write a sentence about each game. One has been done for you.

(a) Cricket is an outdoor game. We play it with a bat and a ball. There are eleven players in this game.

(b) ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

(c) ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

(d) ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________


(b) Football is an outdoor game. We play it with a football. There are eleven players in this game.

(c) Table tennis is an indoor game. We play it on a table with a racket. There are two to four players in this game.

(d)Hockey is an outdoor game. We play it with a stick and a ball.

Q3. The following words are used in various sports. List them under the sport that they are used in.

(d)penalty(e)free kick(f)penalty corner

Some words may be used in more than one game.



1. free kick
2. penalty corner
1. googly
2. LBW
1. goal
2. penalty

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