English – Class 4 – Unit 4 – Chapter 7 – Why? – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. Name a few things that sink.

Answer: Things like stone, marble, lead etc. sink in water.

Q2. List three questions that the little boy asks.

Answer: The three questions that the little boy asks are:

(i) Why the flowers die?

(ii) Why sun should shine?

(iii) Why we eat and drink?

Q3. What sort of a boy is described in the poem?
(a) sad (b) curious (c) brave

Answer: (b) curious

Let’s Talk

Ram is a curious little boy. He is always asking questions. One day he came home and asked his grandfather questions like-

1. Why can’t we look at the sun during a solar eclipse?

2. Why can’t we touch the sun?

3. Why can’t we go out to play in the dark?

Discuss these questions with your teacher and class. Do you know the answers?


  1. We can’t look at the sun during a solar eclipse because its radiation is harmful to our eyes.
  2. We can’t touch the sun because it is very far from us and It is too hot to touch.
  3. We can’t go out to play in the dark because  we will not be able to see anything and We may fall down or get hurt

Word Building

Q1. Fill in the blanks with words from the poem which rhyme with the coloured words in the sentences.

Why is the _____________ so high? Do you know the colour of _____________? Have you found who made the _____________? Put the glass in the sink after you finish your _____________.


Why is the sky so high? Do you know the colour of the flowers? Have you found who made the clouds? Put the glass in the sink after you finish your drink.

Q2. The spellings of these words are jumbled. Put them right and make sentences of your own –



woknknowI do not know you.
wismswimShe can swim in the water.
daelleadLead can sink in water.
blarmemarbleHe loves to play with marbles.
llihshillsIt is difficult for me to climb the hills.

Let’s Write

Q1. Discuss and write-

(a) Why do cats and dogs fight?

Answer: Cats and dogs fight because they are not a good friend. Whenever they meet they start to fight and want to kill each other.

(b) Why do we walk across the road, not run?

Answer: We walk across the road not run to avoid accident. There are so many vehicles on the road so we might meet with an accident.

(c) Why do people like ice-cream?

Answer: People like ice-cream because  they feel exciting to eat and it melts in their mouth.

Q2. Write down at least two questions using ‘why’?

Answer: There are two question using why:

(i) Why are you here?

(ii) Why are you angry?

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