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English – Class 4 – Unit 4 – Chapter 8 – ALICE IN WONDERLAND – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. While listening to the story, what did Alice see?

Answer: While listening to the story, Alice saw a white rabbit.

Q2. What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw?

Answer: The rabbit that Alice saw was different, as he had pink eyes and was wearing a blue coat. He took out a big watch from his waistcoat pocket.

Q3. Where did the rabbit go?

Answer: The rabbit went into the big rabbit hole.

Q4. How did Alice reach Wonderland?

Answer: Alice reached Waterland by following the rabbit. He  jumped into the rabbit hole and following him.

Q5. What strange things did Alice see?

Anawer: Alice saw lovely garden, beautiful beds of bright flowers and cool fountains.

Q6. Describe in your own words the garden that Alice saw.

Answer: Alice saw a very beautiful garden as she had never seen. It was filled with different colours of beautiful flowers.  It had beds of bright flowers and cool fountains.

Q7. Draw the garden of your dreams.

Answer: Do yourself

Q8. Tick (Right) the correct answer.

The rabbit had

(i) white eye (ii) big eye (iii) pink eye

Answer: (iii) pink eyes

Who was Burning with curiosity?

(i) Alice (ii) the rabbit (iii) children

Answer: (i) Alice

Who fell down and down and down?

(i) Alice (ii) a mouse (iii) the rabbit

Answer: (iii) the rabbit

Who said – “Oh, my ears and Whiskers? How late it’s getting!”

(i) the rabbit (ii) Alice (iii) Alice’s sister

Answer: (i) the rabbit

The garden Alice saw was

(i) big (ii) lovely (iii) small

Answer: (ii) lovely

Let’s Talk

Q1. Describe some of the sounds you hear at night.

Answer: I hear the sound of train, barking dogs at night.

Q2. Imagine you are Alice and your partner is a rabbit. What would you do?

Answer: If i would have been Alice and my partner a rabbit then i request him to become my friend. I would have not followed the rabbit and instead would have gone back home. I also told him to take me to the Wonderland.

Q3. What do you think Alice saw in the garden?

Answer: Alice saw a lovely garden which filled with beds of bright flower, cool fountains.

Q4. How could Alice have got into the garden?

Answer: Alice got into the garden using the golden key which kept on a glass table.

Let’s Write

Q1. Find one word from the story that means

Find one word from the story that means

(a)to walk fasth __________ .(b)to thinkw __________ .
(c)happyd __________ .(d)to be seen nowhered __________ .
(e)at onceq __________ .(g)to be inquisitivec _________ .
(f)move fasts __________ .


(a)to walk fasthurried .(b)to thinkwondered .
(c)happydelight .(d)to be seen nowheredisappeared .
(e)at oncequickly .(g)to be inquisitivecurious .
(f)move fastscamper .

Q2. Give another word for the ones given below with similar meanings and make sentences. Make sentences with each of the opposites of these describing words and make sentences with them—



lovelyterribleThere was a terrible fire.
talkingsilenceThey ate in silence.
listeningtalkI will talk to him at night.
seeignoreDon’t ignore the mirracle.
centreoutsideDon’t colour outside the box.

Q3. Imagine you are going on a journey to the center of the earth. What do you think you will see? What would you feel?

Answer: If i were going on a journey to the center of the earth, i would see the layer of different types soil. I would see millions of rock in small/big size and water everywhere.

Q4 Alice follows the strange rabbit because she wants to know a number of things. Re-arrange the words to make the questions that Alice has in her mind and put a question-mark (?).

(а) talk rabbit a how can

Answer. How can a rabbit talk?

(b) going he is where

Answer. Where is he going?

(c) read he can time the

Answer. Can he read the time?

(d) hurry is in a why he

Answer. Why is he in a hurry?

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