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English Class 4 – Unit 5 – Chapter 9 – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. What is the poem about?

Answer: The poem is about children’s fear of darkness of the night and how to not get afraid of the darkness.

Q2. What happens when the day is over?

Answer: When the day is over night comes and darkness spread everywhere.

Q3. What does the earth do when the day is over?

Answer: The earth takes rest when the day is over.

Q4. What does the poet want us to do at night?

Answer: The poet wants us to think about relatives and friends.

Q5. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE?

(а) The poet tells the child to be afraid when it is dark._______

Answer: False

(b) The poet says that stars will always shine at night._______

Answer: True

(c) The poet tells the child to think of friends after it is dark._______

Answer: True

Word Building

moon + light_____________

break + fast____________

good + night_____________

day + break_____________

water + fall_____________

rain + bow_____________


moon + light – moonlight

break + fast – breakfast

good + night – goodnight

day + break – daybreak

water + fall – waterfall

rain + bow – rainbow

Q1. Find a word in the poem which is the opposite of —

war ____________enemies ____________gentle ____________
light ___________night _______________start ______________


war –  peaceenemies –  friendsgentle  – harsh
light – darknight – daystart – cease

Q2.Look at these words in the poem
don’t, won’t
Here are their full forms
don’t — do not, won’t — will not
Now, write the full forms of the following words:



didn’tdid not
shouldn’tshould not
wouldn’twould not
couldn’tcould not
mustn’tmust not

Let’s Talk,

Q1. Are you afraid of the dark? Why?

Answer: Yes, i am afraid of the dark because i am not able to see anything and I see strange kind of images in the dark.

Q2. What do you do when it is dark?

Answer: I lie down on my bed and start to listening music or see videos in mobile phone.

Q3. Have you ever been very frightened? Tell your partner about it.

Answer: Yes, i once got frightened the sound of thunder at night.

Say Aloud

Q1. What is the word that starts with ‘t’ rhymes with ‘cease’, and means to playfully make fun of?

Answer: Tease

Q2.What is the word that starts with ‘c’, rhymes with ‘near’ and Tear’, and means easy to see, hear and understand?

Answer: Clear

Q3. Where did the tip of the tongue touch?

Answer: The tip of the tongue touches the teeth ridge

Q4. Listen and repeat Ca -t

Answer: Do yourself

Q5. Did you hear what your tongue did?

Answer: Do yourself

Q6. Say these words and feel what your tongue does when you say- toe, top, tie, ten.

Answer: Do yourself

Team Time

Q1. Divide the class into four groups.

Answer. Do it yourself.

Q2. Imagine life without the sun.

Answer. Do it yourself.

Q3. What are the things that may happen if there is no sunlight?

Answer. There will be complete darkness if there is no sunlight.

Q4. Discuss with the group and write your ideas in your notebook.

Answer. Do it yourself.

Let’s Write

Q1. The red teacups are filled with a particular word. Fill in the yellow teacups with similar-sounding words. Note the example given.

Too – …..

one – …..

Deer – …..

Son – ….


Too – Two

One – own

Deer – Dear

Son – Sun

Q2. Now complete the following sentences, choosing the right word.

(a) The sum was ____________ difficult for the class to solve. Only ____________ students could do it. (two, too)

Answer: The sum was too difficult for the class to solve. Only two students could do it

(b) There was only _____boy who ______the prize. (one, won)

Answer: There was only one boy who won the prize

(c) The golden _______ was very _______ to him. (dear, deer)

Answer: The golden deer was very dear to him

(d) Ramu’s _______ loved to play in the ________. (sun, son)

Answer: Ramu’s son loved to play in the sun

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