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English – Class 4 – Unit 6 – Chapter 12 – The Scholar’s Mother Tongue – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. Who came to Akbar’s court?

Answer. A learned Pundit came to Akbar’s court.

Q2. What did he claim to know?

Answer. He claimed that he could speak many languages fluently. He was so fluent that no one could find out what his mother tongue was.

Q3. How did he challenge everybody?

Answer. He challenged everybody to name his mother tongue.

Say Aloud

Q1. Tick (”) the words which end with the sound id. Say each word aloud



accepted, completed, irritated, cried, celebrated, fried

Word Building

Q1. Make a class dictionary with words from the story. Try to find suitable words for them in your mother tongue. Say these words aloud.
Then make sentences with those words in your class dictionary.


Converse – Bhaskar conversed in English fluently.

Tickle – The tag on the sweater tickled Bhaskar’s neck.

Fluently – Bhaskar can speak Sanskrit fluently.

Challenged – Bhaskar challenged me to solve math’s puzzle.

Cried – Bhaskar cried because he had hurt his knee.

Surprised – Bhaskar was very surprised when he heard the good news.

Q2. Write all the words that show you are happy.
For example Hurray, Ha! Ha!
Add more

Answer. yahoo!, hip, hip, hurray!, Oh! Wonderful, yepeeee

Q3.Tick (✓) the right answer.

(i) ‘ I visited the court of Akbar’ means

(a)You always live there

(b) You came there for a short time

(c) You were worn there

Answer: (b) You came there for a short time

(ii) To imitate someone means

(a) Copy someone

(b) tease someone

(c) make someone angry

Answer: (a) Copy someone

Q4. Look and fill in the columns. One has been done for you.

quiet quietly sad _______________

fluent_______________ fierce_______________

angry_______________ gentle_______________



Q5. Match the words in Column ‘A’ with words in Column ‘B’
A                                                                          B
king                                                               children
teacher                                                         patients
doctor                                                           courtiers
bus driver                                                    clients
lawyer                                                             passengers
mother                                                           students


bus driverpassengers

Q6. Play this game with a friend. Pick up what you want from any basket.
Add ‘a’ or ‘an’ before it.
Now say the sentences below, using these things –

rug, pillow, bedsheet alarm clock, wall clock, wrist watch

apple, orange, banana, ice-cream bow, arrow, ball, bat, doll

waist coat, long coat, raincoat, umbrella


• a rug, a pillow, a bedsheet
• an alarm clock, a wall clock, a wrist watch
• an apple, an orange, a banana, an ice-cream
• a bow, an arrow, a ball, a bat, a doll
• a waistcoat, a long coat, a raincoat, an umbrella

  1. A bedsheet was clean.
  2. My wristwatch is black in colour.
  3. Bhaskar broke the doll into pieces.
  4. I have a bat.

Neena: Can I have an orange, please?
: Yes, here you are.
Jeevika: Can I have a banana, too.
: No, sorry. You can’t have that

Let’s Share

Q1. How did Birbal find out about the Pundit’s mother tongue?

Answer: Once  Birbal entered quietly into the Pundit’s room and whispered something into his ear while he was asleep. After that, the pundit got scared and started shouting out words in his mother tongue. In this way, Birbal found out about the Pundit’s mother tongue.

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