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English – Class 4 – Unit 7 – Chapter 13 – A Watering Rhyme – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. What is the best time to water the plants?

Answer: The best time to water the plants is early in the morning or the evening hour.

Q2. When should we not water the plants?

Answer: We should not water the plants at noonday.

Q3. Which part of the plant should be watered?

Answer: The roots of the plant should be watered so that plant grows healthy.

Word building

Place letters in their right order to form the names of flowers.

PAETWEESS _ _ _ _ _ _ A
MRAIDOLGM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D
JMINEASJ _ _ _ _ _ E
TLOUSL _ _ _ S
ARGOMM _ _ _ A
DHAAILD _ _ _ _ A
XOLHPP _ _ _ X
ANSPYP _ _ _ Y
BISIHCUSH _ _ _ _ _ _ S



Let’s talk

Q1. Do you have a garden at home?
Answer. Yes, I have a small garden at home.

Q2. Name some flowers which grow in your garden or near your house.
Answer. Marigold, rose, dahlia, jasmine.

Q3. Give another word for ‘thirsty feet’.
Answer. Another word for ‘thirsty feet’ is Parched feet

Q4. What happens when we water plants in the morning? Choose one answer.
(a) They will grow well.
(b) They will dry up.

Answer. (a) They will grow well.

Q5. From where do flowers get water?
(а) From the bottom (roots).
(b) From the top (leaves).

Answer. (a) From the bottom (roots).

Let’s Write

Q1. Write rhyming words for the words given below. One has been done for

(a) morning evening

(b) car bar

(c) high sigh                

(d) boots roots

(e) heat feet                  

(f) where there

Q2. Words like morning, evening, watering end in ing. Write six more words to which ing can be added at the end to form a new word.

Answer: Burning, Killing, getting, Fighting, Laughing, Feeling

Q3. Look for words in the poem which sound like the words given below.

(a) are hour

(b) there their

(c) flour flower  

(d) where wear

(e) son sun 

(f) threw through

Q4. In the sentences below the capital letters, commas, full stops, and question marks are missing. Put these in the correct places.

(a) on monday i will go to school
Answer. On Monday, I will go to school.

(b) rahim ravi and raju are going to see the circus
Rahim, Ravi, and Raju are going to see the circus.

(c) sita where are you looking
Answer. Sita, where are you looking?

(d) the tailor went to the market mr singh
Answer. The tailor went to the market, Mr. Singh.

(e) every Sunday i go for a walk have breakfast read story books listen to music and watch television
Answer. Every Sunday I go for a walk, have breakfast, read storybooks, listen to music and watch television.

(f) laxmi why are you crying.
Answer. Laxmi, why are you crying?

(g) what is the colour of the sky
Answer. What is the colour of the sky?

(h) oranges mangoes bananas and papayas are fruits.
Answer. Oranges, mangoes, bananas, and papayas are fruits.

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