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English – Class 4 – Unit 8 – Chapter 17 -Going to buy a book – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. Why did grandfather give the children money?

Answer: Grandfather gave money to the children to buy books.

Q2. Where did they go to buy books?

Answer: They went to a small bookshop to buy books.

Q3. Did the girl buy a picture book?

Answer: No, the girl did not buy a picture book. She bought a fat book with many stories in it.

Let’s Listen and Search

In small groups one child will give directions orally only
once; the others will listen and hunt for the following

Answer: Do it yourself

Let’s Talk

Q1. Is there a bookshop near your home? If these is, do you like to visit it?

Answer: Yes, there is a bookshop near my home. Yes, i usually visit when i am free.

Q2. What are the different kinds of books in this bookshop or in any other bookshop you have seen? Tell the class

Answer: There are different types of books in bookshop like drama, general knowledge, scientific, etc.

Let’s write

 Q1. Look at these sentences in the story-

(a) Should we go to the big market?
(b) Should we go to the small shop?
(c) Should I buy a thin book?

The coloured words above are describing words.
Now fill in more describing words into the passage below

It was a dark night. A small girl sat up in bed listening to her mother tell a short story. Her blue eyes opened wide and she gave a sweet smile. “Now go to sleep, Paro,” her mother closed the book. “Sweet dreams.”

Q2. Imagine that you will go to bookshop tomorrow. What will you do there? Write five sentences beginning with:

(a) I shall go through several books.

(b)I shall select some books of my.

(c) I shall buy a drawing book.

(d) I shall buy a general knowledge book.

(e) I shall pay money and return to home.

Q3. Tina goes to her school library to borrow a book. Complete her dialogue with the librarian by using and or or in the blanks.


Tina: Ma’am, I want to borrow a book.
Librarian: Do you want a storybook or a book of poems?
Tina: I want a storybook.
Librarian: Do you like stories about animals or adventure stories?
Tina: I like both.
Librarian: Go to the second cupboard. On the first shelf, you will find animal stories, and on the second, adventure stories.
Tina (after selecting books) Ma’am, I want Black Beauty and Panchatantra Stories.
Librarian: You can have either Black Beauty or Panchatantra Stories.

Q4. What is your favourite book? Write down the name of the book. Then write down the story.

Answer: Do it yourself

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