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English – Class 4 – Unit 9 – Chapter 19 – Pinocchio – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

Reading is Fun

Q1. What did the carpenter buy?

Answer: The carpenter bought a very queer piece of wood.

Q2. What did he make out of it?

Answer: He made a puppet out of it.

Q3. What did he call his puppet?

Answer: He called his puppet Pinocchio.

Q4. What did Pinocchio say in the end?

Answer: Pinocchio said in the end ” I’m glad to be a real boy. I’ll never lie again.”

Let’s talk

Q1. Have you ever seen a puppet?

Answer: Do it yourself if u seen a puppet.

Q2. Tell the story of Pinocchio with actions.

Answer: Do it yourself.

Word building

Word Fun
How many words can you make from PINOCCHIO?
Fill them in the empty boxes.

Answer: Chop, No, On, Pin, Coin, Picnic

Let’s Write

Q1. Make opposites with the words-
dis__ in__

respect               disrespect                     own                                     disown
disable                           capable                               incapable
inefficient                     secure                                  insecure

Q2. Make naming words by adding ness, ity, ty at the end of the words given below. One has been done for you.

public                        publicity                            stupid                              stupidity
forgive                       forgiveness                       blind                                 blindness
kind                            kindness                           cruel                                 cruelty
polite                          politeness                         swift                                 swiftness
moral                          morality                            solid                                 solidity

Q3. Which of the following would you expect a carpenter to use at work?

bench, poker, plane, chisel, fork, spade, blotting paper, lawn-mower, telescope, pincers, jaw, scissors, hammer, map, nails, lathe, pencil, anvil.


plane                   lathe
chisel                   pencil
hammer              anvil
nails                     spade

Q4. Now make sentences using some of the above words.


Plane – The carpenter use Plane to make smooth the wood.

Pencil – Student use pencil to write.

Hammer – Ram has a hammer.

Nails – Bhaskar hits some nails with the hammer on the wall.

Lathe – Bhaskar’s new lathe was stolen.

Q5. Give another word from the story that means


completed                         finished
surprised                           amazed
strange                               queer
make up your mind         decided

Q6. Add ‘–er’ or ‘–r’ to the doing words below to make new words.


stiff                             stiffer                                          strange                                     stranger
fight                           fighter                                         dance                                        dancer
juggle                         juggler                                         ride                                           rider
speak                          speaker                                       use                                            user
write                           writer                                           joke                                          joker

Comprehension Passage

Reading is Fun

Q1. Why did the animals think that the jackal was a king?

Answer: The animals thought that the jackal was a king because he dyed himself in blue colour.

Q2. How did the jackal become blue?

Answer: The jackal became blue in colour because he jumped into a big tub of blue dye

Q3. What did the animals do when they saw the blue jackal? 

Answer: The animal thought that he was their king and bowed before him, when they saw the blue jackal.

Q4. Why did the dogs feel scared when they saw the jackal?

Answer:  The dogs felt scared when they saw the jackal because they thought that he was the real king  looking fearful in blue colour.

Q5. How did the animals know that the king was just a jackal?

Answer: One day, the blue jackal forgot that he was a king and started howling at the other jackals in the middle of the night. All the animals ran out to see and found out that he was not a king but a jackal.

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