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English – Class 7 – Chapter 7 – THE INVENTION OF VITA-WONK – Chapter Summary


Mr. Wonka invented Wonka-Vite medicine, which can make people younger. It was too strong that some people disappeared. One person became minus eighty-seven, which means he has to wait eighty-seven years before he can come back. Mr. Wonka must need to invent something new to reverse this change.
He decides to created something new. Mr.Wonka started to search for a new recipe to make people older. He starts his research with two questions: 1. What is the oldest living thing in the world? 2. What lives longer than anything else? He came to the answer that trees live longer than anything else. And the Bristlecone Pine that grows upon the slopes of Wheeler Peak in Nevada, U.S.A is even 4000 years old. Mr. Wonka collected the material from the oldest tree and began to collect special items from the oldest living thing from all over the world. His collection included the toe-nail of a 168-year-old Russian farmer, the egg of a 200-year-old tortoise, the tail of a 51-year-old horse, whiskers of a 36-year-old cat, the tail of a 207-year-old rat, black teeth of a 97-year-old Grimalkin, and the knucklebones of a 700-year-old Cattaloo.
Mr.Wonka went all over the world and collected something from all the oldest living things. And after boiling, bubbling, mixing, and testing all the collected material, he invented a small amount of oily black liquid. He gave four drops of liquid to his volunteer, Oompa-Loompa. As soon as he drank the liquid he began to wrinkle and shrivel up, his hair started to drop off and his teeth started to fall down. In a blink of an eye, he turned into a seventy-five-year-old man. This all happened due to Mr.Wonkaโ€™s new invention and he named it Vita-Wonka.


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