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English – Class 7 – Chapter 9 – A Bicycle In Good Repair – Chapter Summary


One day the friend of the author proposed to him to go on a long bicycle ride and the author agreed. The next day the man came half an hour late and started to examine the author’s bicycle. The man caught the front wheel and the fork and shook it violently. The author tried to stop him, but the man pretends to be an expert and says that the front wheel wobbles. He asks the author to bring the hammer. When the narrator returned with the hammer. He found out that the man was sitting on the ground with the wheel between his legs and the rest of the parts were lying beside him. He says that something is wrong with the bearing and needs repairing. The author tries to stop him but the man did not listen to him. He opens the wheel and a dozen little balls roll out of it. It took about half an hour to just find those balls and the author kept those balls in the his hat. Again, he started to look on the bicycle and says that the gear-case needs to be repaired. But the author tried to stop him from opening the gear-case, but he ignored it. He opened the gear-case in two pieces and the screws fall off. He collected some of the screws and left the other on the ground.

After great difficulty, the author and his friend fixed the front wheel back to its position but suddenly the author’s friend started to laugh and says that that he had forgotten to put the balls. The man puts all the balls back, but now the bicycle began to wobble more than it wobbled before. A very long and rough fight took between the bicycle and the man while he was fixing the gear-case. One moment he was on the top of the bicycle and the next moment he would be under the bicycle. At a quarter to one, he was dirt, untidy, and had cut and bleeding and was also done with the bicycle.  The author also took his bicycle back and sent his friend home.


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