English Class 7

English Class 7

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Honeycomb ( Main Book)

  1. Three Questions; The squirrel
  2. A gift of Chappals; The Rebel
  3. Gopal and the Hilsa Fish; The Shed
  4. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom; Chivvy
  5. Quality; Trees
  6. Expert Detectives; Mystery of the Talking Fan
  7. The Invention of Vita-Wonk; Dad and the Cat and the Tree
  8. Fire: Friend and Foe; Meadow Surprises
  9. A Bicycle in Good Repair; Garden Snake
  10. The story of Cricket

(An alien Hand) Supplementary Book

  1. The Tiny Teacher 
  2. Bringing up Kari
  3. The Desert
  4. The Cop and the Anthem
  5. Golu Grows a Nose
  6. I Want Something in a Cage
  7. Chandni
  8. The Bear Story
  9. A Tiger in the House
  10. An Alien Hand


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