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English – Class 9

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Beehive (TextBook)

1.  The Fun They Had

     ● The Road Not Taken

2. The Sound of Music

     ● Wind

3. The Little Girl

    ● Rain on the Roof

4. A Truly Beautiful Mind

    ● A Lake Isle of Innisfree

5.  The Snake and the Mirror

    ● A legend of the Northland

6.    My Childhood

    ● No Men Are Foreign

7. Packing

    ● The Duck and the Kangaroo

8. Reach for the Top

    ● On Killing a Tree

9. The Bond of Love

    ● The Snake Trying

10.   Kathmandu

    ● A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

11.   If I Were You

Moments (Supplementary Reader)

1. The Lost Child

2. The Adventures of Toto

3. Iswaran the Storyteller

4. In the Kingdom of  Fools

5. The Happy Prince

6. Weathering the Storm in Ersama

7. The Last Leaf

8. A House Is Not A Home

9. The Accidental Tourist

10. The Beggar


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