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Jody’s Fawn is a passage from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ story. It’s a moving story of Jody, a young child who has emotional sentiments for a young fawn who has been abandoned in the forest. Jody has a sensitive mind and a pure heart, therefore he is fully aware of others’ suffering. Jody’s father is bitten by a rattlesnake one day. So, to save his father, Jody sets out on a journey into the forest. He murders a doe to extract the poison from his father’s body using its heart and liver. Although he saves his father’s life, the doe dies and her fawn is left alone in the harsh forest.

Jody feels depressed each time he thinks of the little fawn in the forest as he killed its mother. He is so anxious that he chooses to take the small animal home with him. He talks it over with his father, who is a little hesitant. Jody, on the other hand, reminds his father that it is their job to care for the fawn since they killed mother doe. When Jody’s father heard this, he agrees with him and lets him take the fawn home. Before bringing it home, he asks Jody to ask for his mother’s approval.

Jody’s mother is shocked at first. Jody, on the other hand, tries to convince her that it would be irresponsible to abandon the fawn starving in the middle of the dense forest and that they must care for it. Dr. Wilson also agreed with him and tries to persuade Jody’s mother, who finally agrees to let him bring the fawn home. Meanwhile, Dr. Wilson tells Jody that bringing the fawn back will require care. Jody promises to give the fawn his milk and to look after it. Jody’s mother demands a promise from him that he will return home soon, and his father tells him that a fawn’s spots are oriented in different directions. And Jody went into the forest with Mill-Wheel on the horse.

Mill-wheel drops him into the forest and leaves. When searching for the baby fawn, Jody walks around the forest, scraping his hands in the thorny bushes. In the middle of the deep forest, he finds the fawn with extreme difficulty. As a result, Jody is successful in bringing the fawn home, holding it in his arms and happily feeding it milk with his own hands. When he returns home, he shows his parents the fawn, who is happy at his successful attempt to save the hungry little deer.


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