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how to get free domain name

how to get free domain namehere is a best way to get free domain name for build your own website , so if you are searching everywhere how to to get free domain name for website and if you are tired to search then this is the last post for you because this articles gives you the best method for getting free domain name registration and if you are planning to starting a website for practice purpose without wasting money then here i will show you all the steps about free domain registration ,now keep calm and see and read all steps one by one . So without taking  more time lets go to complete this task- how to get free domain name like – .tk, etc.

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There are lot of website gives you a free domain like, and etc.

but here i will show you how to buy free domain name from website .

Now main  point is how we can register free domains like – .tk,.gq,. and much more so from my opinion best free domain provider is freenom.

how to get free domain name for website and how we can register

step 1 . Go to the site – then make an account and then get login into your account.

where to purchase domain name

how to get free domain name

Now once you do this work. just click on services and after click on register a new domain .

how to get free domain name

search any domain name in  search bar but every free domain are available in only some extension but if you are thinking to register domains like .com, .net , .org then you have to purchase to achieve this type of domain name for your website. So choose any one domain name with available free extension. Then click on checkout to fill all the details .

get free domain name


how to register free domain name for website

here default value of expiry date of domain name is for 3 moths but you need to change make 12 months and then click to continue button


free domain

fill up your own details and if you don’t want to fill details then don’t worry direct accept the terms and  click on complete order .


free domain name and hosting

 Now a new success message will be appear in your email address simply ignore  . now you need to change the name server of this free domain name for connecting your website domain to your hosting provider so simply go to services then go to my domains 

Free Domain Registration

FREE domain names

here click on manage domains and then go to the option management tool then click on Nameservers .

free domain lifetime

free domain and hosting

 here first click on use customs nameservers  and in 1 and 2 row make change your domain name nameservers of  this domain as per your web hosting provider  and remove namerver 3 and nameserver 4 . now all things are done Enjoy .

if you are searching free hosting for free domain then make sure to read this articles because in this article there is a list of best web hosting provider for free .  so this is the method to get free domain name for website .


Are there any Risk About using  free domain in my website

Basically guys Free domains are not better , the best use of free domain is for practice purpose not for any business purpose or any other commercial purpose . Most of the peoples saying  that free domain service provider can cancel domains  anytime then you won’t be able to run that domain , there are lot of risk about free domains so please don’t use free domain for any other big purpose  . if you want to use domain to make your own business website for commercial purpose then use purchased domain name having domain extension like .com ,.net, .us, .org and much more but some peoples also asking that – where to purchase domain name for commercial purpose ,any other works  | my Ans is – | there are lot of website which gives paid  domain name like .com, .co,.net,.org ,.shop, .club , .online etc. From my opinion the best domain name provider is godaddy , bigrock and bluhost  . From there you can easily able to  purchase domain name to create your own website .


the best and effective website for domain registration is -freenoom , from this webisite just check domain availability and then click to checkout to get free domain name for your own website , don’t use free domain name for any  . business  . I hope you read all the steps about this article – how to get free domain name for you own website

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