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How To Increase WordPress Upload Limit

How To Increase WordPress Upload Limit   Guys today we are going to show you how to increase upload limit in wordpress website. Like if you want to increase upload limit from 2 MB to more ++ then this articles give you the best method because most of the website gives another method but some time they not working totally. so here from my method you can easily increase the upload limit in wordpress website .so without wasting more time lets start.

wordpress upload

Method 1 ( How To Increase WordPress Upload Limit )

step 1. open you cpanel by entering your username and password.

increase wordpress upload limit

how to increase wordpress upload limit

step 2 . Now you need to click on the option- switch to php option


increase wordpress upload

step 3. Now double click on post max size value to change your upload limit upto highest .Now once you selected your max upload size just click on apply botton and then click on save . Now go To your WordPress website and check your upload limit .I hope your upload limit get increased. But if your upload limit not increased then do one step more.


upload limit increase upload limit

Step 4 : You need to do same steps as per step 3 and Check again in your website dashboard .I hope your upload limit get increased .So Now go And Enjoy and comment in comment section if you have any questions.


upload limit increase

Here my wordpress file upload size get increases to 128 Mb . wow….. i hope you understand all the things about this post –How To Increase WordPress Upload Limit

Method 2 ( How To Increase WordPress Upload Limit )

by pasting Code in php.ini file _ now to increase upload limit by method 2 you need to do some several simple steps so lets start

open you cpanel, then go to file manager

How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress


How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

now here you need to click on public_html then you have to choose those website folder in which  you need to increase there upload limit so just double click on your website folder and if your website not looking like then don’t do any other things direct create a new file and name them – php.ini


Increase Max Upload Filesize

so just do like this and click on create new file. once you complete this task just open this file.

How to Increase Media File Maximum Upload Size in WordPress



Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

paste this code on this php.ini file


upload_max_filesize = 32MB

post_max_size = 32MB

memory_limit = 32MB[/alert-success]

file upload size increase in website

now all things are done Enjoy……

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