Introduction to Java Programming Language

Learn Java Programs


  1. Hello world program in java
  2. How to take user input in java in the form of different data types i.e int, float, char, string, etc.
  3. Java Program to check even or odd number
  4. Java Program to add two numbers
  5. Java program to calculate area of circle
  6. Java program to calculate the area of a rectangle
  7. Java program to print numbers from 1 to N using for loop
  8. Java program to calculate the factorial of a number
  9. Java program to calculate the average of 5 numbers
  10. Java program to calculate simple interest
  11. Java program to check prime number 
  12. Java program to check leap year
  13. Arithmetic operators in java
  14. Bitwise operator in java
  15. Relational operator in java
  16. Increment operator in java
  17. Exception handling program in java

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