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Terms & Conditions

What to do:

How to do:

What to keep in mind:

  • You don’t need to type questions, you can do copy-paste (questions only).
  • Answers, translations, summaries, notes, etc. should be typed in your own wording.
  • Main point is: You don’t have to do copy-paste. Why I should pay you for just copy-paste. Getting??? So, please write in your own words.
  • If you do copy-paste, we catch you because we have tool, we can catch in 1-sec. So, don’t try to be over-smart. Hope you are getting. Thanks.


  • When you understand ‘what you are writing’ then only it will be easy for students.
  • If any student read your content then they must not jump to any other content, just write in that way, complete points.

How to get hired?

  • 10th & 12th or equivalent both passed with min 80% or equivalent CGPA.
  • Fill out the below google form.
  • You have to go through an interview process where we check your English and Hindi/Sanskrit (if you are Sanskrit Teacher) Grammar as well as knowledge in specific subject that you are going to write.

Payment Rule:

Rate For Class 6th:

  • ₹ 100 / 1 TXT file.

1 TXT file = (Notes + Exercise Solution)

Rate For Class 7th & 8th:

  • ₹ 150 / 1 TXT file.

1 TXT file = (Notes + Exercise Solution)

Rate For Class 9th & 10th:

  • ₹ 200 / 1 TXT file.

1 TXT file = (Notes + Exercise Solution)

Rate For Class 11th & 12th:

  • ₹ 300 / 1 TXT file.

1 TXT file = (Notes + Exercise Solution)

Payment will be done at the end of every month through UPI.

How much??? Just multiply the rate with the number of TXT files sent.

Termination Rule:

  • You have to send at least 1 TXT file within 5 days. Otherwise, do inform that you have some exam or any other important work.
  •  In case you didn’t inform and remain absent for continuous 5 days, you will be fired.


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