Science Class 6 -Chapter 4– Sorting Materials into Groups- NCERT Exercise solution (Question-Answer)

Science Class 6 – Chapter 4 – Sorting Materials into Groups- NCERT Exercise solution (Question-Answer) is provided below. Total 7 Questions are in this NCERT Exercise, all are solved here.

Q1. Name five objects which can be made from wood.

Answer- Following are the six objects that are made from wood :-

  • Chair
  • Table
  • Doors
  • Bed
  • Window
  • Boat

Q2. Select those from the following which shine ;

Glass bowl, plastic toy, steel spoon, cotton shirt

Answer–  The shining objects are –

  • Glass bowl  and steel spoon

Q3. Match the objects given below with the materials from which they could be made. Remember, an object could be made from than one material and a given material could be used for making many objects.

Book Glass
Tumbler Wood
Chair Paper
Toy Leather
Shoes Plastics


Book Paper
Tumbler Glass and plastic
Chair Wood and plastic
Toy Plastic and wood
Shoes Leather

Q4. State whether the statements given below are True or False.

(a) Stone is transparent, while the glass is opaque.

Answer- False

(b) A notebook has lusture while eraser does not.


(c) Chalk dissolves in water.


(d) A piece of wood floats on water.

Answer- True

(e) Sugar does not dissolve in water.


(f) Oil mixed with water.


(g) Sand settles down in the water.

Answer- True

(h) Vinegar dissolves in water.

Answer- True

Q5 . Given below are the names of some objects  and materials :

Water, basketball, orange, sugar, globe, apple and earthen pitcher

 Group them as :

(a)Round shaped and other shapes


Round shaped- Basket ball , orange , globe , apple , earthen pither

Other shapes- water , sugar

(b) Eatables and non eatables


Eatable- water , orange , sugar , apple

Non eatable- basket ball , globe , earthen pitcher

Q6. List all items known to you that float on water. Check and see if they will float on an oil or kerosene.

AnswerList of items that float on water-

  • Hair
  • Thermocol
  • Plastic bottle
  • Balloon

          List of items that float on oil-

  • Plastic bottle
  • Hair
  • Thermocol
  • Balloon

              List of item that float on kerosene-

  • Thermocol
  • Plastic bottle
  • Balloon
  • Hair

Q7. Find the odd one out from the following :

(a) Chair, bed, table, baby, cupboard

Answer-Baby ( because all others are non-living and baby is living beings )

(b) Rose, jasmine, boat, marigold, lotus

Answer– Boat ( because all others are flowers )

(c) Aluminium, iron, copper, silver, sand

Answer– Sand ( because all other are metals )

(d) Sugar, salt, sand, copper sulphate

Answer- Sand ( because all others are soluble in water but sand does not soluble in water )

Sorting Materials into Groups Science Class 6 NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer) ended👍👍👍

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