Science Class 6 – Chapter 8 –Body Movements – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer)

CBSE Science Class 6 – Chapter 8 – Body Movements – NCERT Exercise Solution (Question-Answer) is provided below. Total 4 Questions are in this NCERT Chapter Exercise, all are solved here.

Q1. Fill in the blanks:

(a) Joints of the bones help in the _____________ if the body.

Answer: movement

(b) A combination of bones and cartilage forms the ___________ of the body.

Answer: skeleton

(c) The bones at the elbow are joined by a _________ joint.

Answer: hinge

(d) The contraction of the ____________pulls the bones during movement.

Answer: muscles

Q2. Indicate true (T) and false (F) among the following sentences.

(a) The movement and locomotion of all animals are exactly the same. ()

Answer: False

(b) The cartilages are harder than bones. ()

Answer: False

(c) The finger bones do not have joints. ()

Answer: False

(d) The fore arm has two bones. ()

Answer: True

(e) Cockroaches have an outer skeleton. ()

Answer: True

Q3. Match the items in column I with one or more items of column II

  Column I    Column II
Upper jawHave fins on the body
FishHas an outer skeleton
RibsCan fly in the air
SnailIs an immovable joint
CockroachProtect the heart
 Shows very slow movement
 Have a streamlined body


Column I    Column II
Upper jawIs an immovable joint
FishHave fins on the body, have streamlined body
RibsProtect the heart
SnailShows very slow movement
CockroachHas an outer skeleton

Q4. Answer the following:

(a) What is a ball and socket joint?

Answer: Ball and socket joint is the rounded end of one bone fits into the cavity (hollow space) of the other bone. Such joint allows movement in all direction.

A ball and socket joint

(b) Which of the skull bones are movable?

Answer: Only lower jaw is movable in skull.

(c) Why can our elbow not move backwards?

Answer: Our elbow does not move backwards because of the hinge-joint present in the elbow which allows only to move in only one direction (back to forth).

Science Class 6 – Chapter 8 – Body Movements – NCERT Exercise Solution ended 👍👍👍

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