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Science Class 8- Chapter 7- Conservation of Plants and Animals- NCERT exercise solution (Question-Answer)

Science Class 8 – Chapter 7- Conservation of Plants and Animals- NCERT exercise solution (Question-Answer) is provided below.

Q1.Fill in the blanks.✍️

(a) A place where animals are protected in their natural habitat is called ___________.

Answer- wildlife sanctuary.

(b) Species found only in a particular area is known as __________.

Answer-  endemic species.

(c) Migratory birds fly to far away places beacuse of ______________ changes.

Answer- climatic

Q2. Differentiate between the following.🤷

(a) Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve


Wildlife SanctuaryBiosphere reserve
  • Wildlife sanctuaries like reserve forests provide protection and suitable living condition to wild animals.
  •  Biosphere reserves are the area for conservation of biodiversity.

(b) Zoo and wildlife sanctuary


ZooWildlife Sanctuary
  • The zoo is the place where animals are protected in an artificial habitat for an exhibition.
  • An area which is protected where animal lives in their natural habitat.

(c) Endangered and extinct species

Answer –

Endangered SpeciesExtinct Species
  • Endangered species are those which are facing the danger of extinction.
  • The species of animal whose number is zero.

(d) Flora and Fauna

Answer –

  • The plants found in a particular area are termed as Flora.
  • The animal which found in a particular area is termed as fauna.

Q3. Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following.🌳🪓

(a) Wild animals

Answer – Trees are the source of food and oxygen for the wild animals. If deforestation occurs, it destructs the natural habitats of wild animals.

(b) Environment

Answer- Due to deforestation temperature and pollution increased in our environment. So, due to this the level of CO2 increase and O2 decrease and cause global warming.

(c) Villages (Rural areas)

Answer- Due to deforestation many natural disasters like a decline in rainfall, decrease in soil fertility etc.  which affect the village life.

(d) Cities (Urban areas)

Answer- Due to deforestation the level of pollution increase and also cause global warming which affects the life of cities.

(e) Earth

Answer- Deforestation cause many things such as a decrease in soil fertility. It changes the physical property of soil. Due to all these changes desertification occur.

(f) The next generation

Answer- The next generation mainly affected by deforestation. The next generation will face many problems such as climatic condition, scarcity of food, they won’t be able to see most of the animals.

Q4. What will happen if?

(a) we go on cutting trees.


  • Increase in the natural disaster.
  • It disturbs the process of the water cycle.
  • The temperature will increase.

(b) the habitat of an animal is disturbed.


  • The animal will reach the level of being endangered.
  • The animal will come on invade the place in search of food and shelter.

(c) the top layer of soil is exposed.


  • It will lose nutrients, hummus, etc.
  • A decrease in water holding capacity.
  • Desertification will take place.

Q5. Answer in brief.

(a) Why should we conserve biodiversity?

Answer- Biodiversity is referred to as a variety of various life forms such as plant, animal and macro organisms in an area. All the organisms/ plants/ animals have an interrelationship. They all depend on each other. We should conserve biodiversity for maintaining food chain. If the food chain will be disturbed it may affect the whole ecosystem.

(b) Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals. Why?

Answer- Because the people who live near the forests, they use the forest’s resource to full-fill their requirements. So, they used to kill and sell wild animals.

(c) Some tribals depend on the jungle. How?

Answer- Because tribals got shelter, food etc from forests. They depend on the jungle to full fill their own requirements.

(d) What are the causes and consequences of deforestation?

Answer- Causes of deforestation-

  • Forest fire
  • People used to cut tree for their requirements like making furniture, houses etc.
  • Procuring land for cultivation.


  • Soil erosion
  • Temperature will increase
  • A decrease in groundwater level
  • Global warming
  • Loss of biodiversity.

(e) What is Red Data Book?

Answer- Red data book is a sourcebook which keeps internation record of all endangered plants and animals species. This book is maintained by IUCN.

(f) What do you understand by the term migration?

Answer- Migration means movement of organisms or group of organism from its own habitat to other place. They migrate to avoid inhabitable climatic condition or for breeding.

Q6. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories and for shelter, trees are being continually cut. Is it justified to cut trees for such projects? Discuss and prepare a brief report.

Answer- No, it is not all justified to cut trees, it just fulfills our needs which demand the human population. We know trees are the lung of the earth. They are the habitat of several living organisms including wild animals.

Trees take CO₂ from the atmosphere which is a very harmful gas and provide us O₂. They maintain the balance of CO₂ and O₂. They protect soil erosion and conserve our biodiversity.

We should protect trees because cutting trees causes many disasters like- global warming, flood, greenhouse effect, etc.

Q7. How can you contribute to the maintenance of green wealth of your locality? Make a list of actions to be taken by you.

Answer- There are some actions I can contribute to maintenance of green wealth of my locality:-

  • Planting trees more and more also called as afforestation.
  • Taking proper care of trees.
  •  I can encourage and aware all people and children to maintain trees.
  • Forbidding others to cut trees.
  • We used to cut old tree and on their place we plant new tree.

Q8. Explain how deforestation leads to reduced rainfall.

Answer- By transpiration large amount of water vapour are added  by forests in atmosphere. The reduction of water vapour affects cloud formation and thus results in less rainfall.

Q9. Find out about national parks in your state. Identify and show their location on the outline map of India.


Outline Map: National parks in India

Outline Map: National parks in India
Outline Map: National parks in India - In Detailed View

Map 2: In Detailed View

Q10. Why should the paper be saved? Prepare a list of ways by which you can save paper.

Answer- We should save paper because it saves a large number of trees. It saves water which is used to manufacture paper.

Some ways to save paper:-

  • Reuse the paper
  • Recycle the paper
  • Shouldn’t be burnt.

Q11. Complete the word puzzle.


1.  Species on the verge of extinction

2. A book carrying information about endangered species

5. Consequences of deforestation


1. Species which have vanished.

3. Species found only in a particular habitat.

4. Variety of plants, animals and microorganisms found in an area.

word puzzle Question 11 science chapter 7


Question 11 - word puzzle Answer

Science Class 8 – Chapter 7- Conservation of Plants and Animals- NCERT exercise solution (Question-Answer) Ended👍👍

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