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C program for Tower of Hanoi.

C program for Tower of Hanoi.

Aim– We have to move all disc from source pillar to destination pillar.

Rules– Discs can be moved one at a time only.

We have to put smaller disk over the bigger disc.

Trick– 1. First, move the disk from source to auxiliary.

2. Then, move the disc from auxiliary to the destination.

Watch video to clear your doubts- Click Here

Here is your code-

#include <stdio.h>   // header files
#include <stdlib.h>
int disc;
char s='A',a='B',d='C';
int hanoi(int,char,char,char);   // prototype
int main()   // main function
  printf("\n This is a simple program for the tower of Hanoi");
  printf("\n Enter the no. of discs you wanna move from ---->Source:A  to Destination:C\n");
  scanf("%d",&disc); // taking input as no. of disc

  hanoi(disc,s,a,d);  // calling of function
return 0;

int hanoi(int disc,char s,char a,char d)  // function definition
         printf("\n move disc %d from %c to %c", disc,s,d);
  hanoi(disc-1,s,d,a); // function called again called recursion
  printf("\n Move Disc %d From %c to %c",disc,s,d);
  hanoi(disc-1,a,s,d);  // function called again called recursion
return 0;
} // end of function definition


Tower of hanoi
Tower of hanoi
Tower of hanoi

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