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Sanskrit Class 9 Shemushi Chapter 9-सिकतासेतुः

Here, you will get Hindi Translation, Video lecture, NCERT Exercise solution (Question-Answer), grammar section of CBSE Sanskrit class 9 Shemushi NCERT Chapter 9 – सिकतासेतुः

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  1. Found it really helpful (translation in English)
    If it is not there i would literally fail my exam and my exam is tomorrow
    Thank you so much

  2. Sir try to complete this chapter as fast as u can because final exams will be also held in March. Thank u for your great kindness towards children 💜

  3. Sir kindly send word to word meaning for the above lesson in English… it’ll be really helpful…I would appreciate if it has word to word meaning too… kindly consider the suggestion as it would help the students to learn and understand better… thank you so much… great effort…


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