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Sanskrit Class 9 Shemushi Chapter 7 – प्रत्यभिग्यानम्

Here, you will get Hindi Translation, Video lecture, NCERT Exercise solution (Question-Answer), grammar section of CBSE Sanskrit class 9 Shemushi NCERT Chapter 7 – प्रत्यभिग्यानम्

If you have any confusion, ask on our Instagram ID: ask_babusahab

8 thoughts on “Sanskrit Class 9 Shemushi Chapter 7 – प्रत्यभिग्यानम्”

  1. why your hindi translation is not working it is first time i am getting issue in your app sorry but plz fix it fast i need ur only help only ur app i think gives best explanation plz

  2. Hindi translation is not workin please do something otherwise I will complain about it on social media please fix it I have to do my studies but for that I need that hindi translation


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